Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Coal, Cuba, Court.

Death, Marriage and Judgment come our way.

Coal. We have lost an icon of country music. Sister Loretta Webb Lynn has reached her reward at the great coal mine in the sky. Loretta was a fine Christian woman who knew how to warble about her worldly troubles. When the sanctity of her marriage was threatened, she sang against the sluts doing the harm. Many a fine housewife learned the joys of baking thanks to Sister Lynn’s Crisco ministry. And LL’s life story provided an Academy Award for Sister Spacek. Let us pray that she is received by the Lord, resplendent in her garments as the angels sing to Him, “One’s On The Way.”

Cuba. News from Cuba is startling. The Latin island has voted for sodomites and lesbyterians in deciding to allow homosecular marriage. If I’m not mistaken, the stars of that 50’s television show featuring a Cuban were called “Lucy and Ricky”, not “Louis and Ricky.” I don’t mean to speak for the Lord, but let us notice the timing of the decision and the date that Sister Fiona blew through Havana. While some interpret that to be God’s judgement, it could very well have been the winds of change. Either way, there’s a great deal of blowing going on, if you ask me. Ole!

Court. The Supreme Court has begun its new session and a new justice has been seated. Sister Ketanji Brown Jackson becomes the first black woman appointed to the big bench. I pray that she will make us all proud with her judicial prowess. I also pray that she will make her people more proud than the other black person sitting down the row from her. Brother Clarence has certainly proven to maintain the “old white man” mentality only with a considerable amount more in the melanin department. Much like the superiority of my ministry as a woman of God, I pray that the women on the Court will move in a mighty way in the coming years. Sister KBJ, I beseech thee to make Sister RBG proud. And keep those frat boys in check. Hallelujah.