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Underwear Of The Month: Put Some Boo On Your Booty

Wanna know what really scares us?

Old underwear. 

Or worse yet, old, unsexy underwear.

Well, just in time for Halloween you can update your seasonal skivvies collection so you can get a little more attention walking around the locker room. (Not to mention more eyeballs on your hookup app photos.)

MeUndies always does a fantastic job at creating limited-edition holiday undergear, from jockstraps to briefs, as well as boxer briefs for the super-modest among us. They have a huge variety of women’s styles, too.

This year’s designs feature coven-worthy Spell It Out (also great for watching Hocus Pocus 2), Jack Attack and No Body Like You

Hell, you can even get matching accessories for your dog for those occasions when you want to parade around the neighborhood in your underwear to freak people out on their Ring Doorbell cameras. 

And like always with MeUndies, the more you buy, the more you save.

Because the only other thing that truly terrifies us is spending more money than we have to.

MeUndies Halloween Styles

Photos courtesy of MeUndies