Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Roll Up Yonder Has Been Called.

Brothers and Sisters, there is no other news story this week greater than the passing of my Brother-in-Christ, Leslie Jordan.  I am dedicating this column solely to him.

We met on a high seas ministry to the Mediterranean many years ago aboard a ship of sodomites and lesbyterians.  We were both called to this ministry to fervently anoint those gathered.  I felt I had found a true soul friend.  That trip began a long history of joint ministries.  Often, I served as the prelude to his sermons, exhorting the masses to prepare for a ride aboard the glory train of laughter.  We were both brought up in the Southern Babatist Church, so there is no doubt that he has entered Heaven in spite of his potty mouth and questionable proclivities.

We shared similar struggles in our walk with the Lord, and he was therefore quick to offer a word of encouragement, not only to me, but to all who needed his special touch.  On our last ministry together, the Lord led Brother Leslie to actually interview ME about my ministry, and his questions were both probing and scriptural.  Fortunately, that interview is recorded on video for edification.

I am beyond grateful for the way I was touched by Leslie Jordan.  My grief was palpable and tearful all day yesterday.  I have moved to a stage of remembrance today as I reflect upon photos, texts and stories.  The Lord seems to have had a hand in Leslie’s final Instantgram posting on Sunday as he and Brother Danny Myrick shared a message in song of haunting prescience.  “When the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there.” 

Yes, Leslie.  Yes, you will.  I loved you so.