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The Bolton name has been saved!

In the world of music, the Bolton who most people know (and sometimes love) is Michael, master of the cheesy ballad that makes senior women throw their Depends at the stage. (This is not to take anything away from his undeniably talented guy. He’s simply not our thing.)

But now, there’s a new Bolton for the rest of us.

Queer Canadian singer/songwriter Eric Bolton has a new album out with hard-hitting rock tunes that chronicle many of his obstacles as a queer person in the church. One of our favorite tracks of all is “Hello, Angels”:

Listen to this rising entertainer’s debut album, Here Between, on Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music.

The words in his music resonate with many of our own experiences and you’ll likely relate, too.

So help raise up a queer voice and stream Eric Bolton’s Here Between.

Besides, when we move to Canada after things really go to hell here in the United States, we’ll need a friend to reach out to.

Here Between, Eric Bolton