Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Elections, Ejections & Erections.

The results are in……..sort of.

Elections.  There’s got to be a morning after, as Sister McGovern so beautifully sang.  However, much like the film from which it came, life seems upside down.  As a Texas Babatist, I am observing my fellow faith followers rejoicing in the victories of their political saints.  Yet many here are rending their clothing and gnashing their teeth today as the specter of our Governor rolling to another victory settles in.  As I view the post-elections maps, the great State of Texas is as red as the Devil himself.  I shall be praying for the Holy Spirit to move and anoint the great re-elected powers with showers of wisdom.  And for those still under investigation for wrongdoings, I pray that, in keeping with the Texas mindset, gestating justice will not be aborted.  Let us pray.

Ejections.  As we turn our eyes to the national level, there are signs of change as certain hopefuls were ejected or may be ejected to the pits of failure.  This Christian nation said no to having a Muslim in the Keystone State.  The Mile High State is still trying to say no to an evil woman with no brains.  The Grand Canyon State is still deciding about ejecting a governor candidate with no heart.  The Peach State hasn’t yet had the courage to declare a winner.  And a great woman in Kansas gets to return home to the state capitol.  All of these factors beginning with the fact that Oz is a lost cause.

Erections.  In light of some nationwide results, we can expect to see some changes ahead.  Plans for continuing to erect a wall on the Mexico border.  Construction of a new powder room in the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion.  Assembling a stage for a Melissa Etheridge/Brandi Carlisle inauguration concert in Massachusetts.  And conception of new roads to Michigan and California for specific gynecological procedures.  Let the building begin.