Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

On Wednesdays We Watch “Wednesday”

Just in time for a long Thanksgiving weekend filled with binge-eating, Tim Burton’s back in form with a series worth binge-watching.

Wednesday debuts today on Netflix and it’s a little bit Sabrina, a little bit Scooby-Doo, a little bit Buffy—and a whole lotta Burton, which makes us sooo happy.

Centering around the eldest child in the quirky Addams Family, the new series gives Burton a chance to tell a longer story without losing his signature gothic style. It’s a perfect match and the kind of dark comedy we crave.

There’s plenty of mystery at the core as the focus quickly shifts to Wednesday being shipped off to Nevermore, an academy for fellow weirdos—including vampires and mermaids—and like so many movies and series before it, the collection of outcasts makes a perfect parallel to finding our own queer community.

Catherine Zeta-Jones makes a great Morticia (we just need more Morticia!) and it’s great to see Christina Ricci back among the Addamses, even if she herself isn’t playing Wednesday again.

If you’re a fan of anything Addams Family, we think you’re gonna love Wednesday.

Even if you wait until Thursday to start it.

Out today