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Wrappers’ Delight

Finish your shopping yet?

As easy as it is to give someone a digital gift card these days, there’s something extra special about receiving an actual present.

So when you’re thinking of what to get your friends, pay attention to the wrapping paper as much as the gift.

Over at Giftiply, you can choose from a wide variety of wrapping paper designed by a variety of artists. And each style features a different charity to receive a big chunk of proceeds. You can even choose to donate more than the asking price for each product purchased, essentially ensuring that each nonprofit benefits as much as possible.

Make Christmas a real drag—the good kind!

Two new giftwrap options this year include drag-themed Winter Royalty and Joy and the Journey, as well as a greeting card. At least 33% or more from each of these items will be donated directly to the It Gets Better Project.

So rather than make a donation to a charity in someone’s name, give them a gift they’ll actually want—and still support a great cause with the wrapping.

Because for once, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.


Photo courtesy of Giftiply