Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A New Place To Get Your Holiday Movie Fix

It’s that time of year when many of us can’t get enough holiday movies, and the cheesier the better.

Until recently, these films that became immediately associated with the Hallmark Channel were hetero-focused, with maybe a gay sidekick thrown in for “DIVERSITY!”

Well, we’ve had several LGBTQ+ holiday movies debut in recent years on various networks and streaming services, but this year we can turn to a new place called Diva Box Office for entertaining content that exclusively showcases the LGBTQ+ women’s experience.

Sure, we’re gay men and usually only focus on stuff for dudes who like to diddle other dudes, but we know we also have lesbian readers and others who’d love to know about a place like Diva Box Office.

We’re thrilled to support queer content in any form, as a matter of fact.

Last Friday, Diva Box Office released Merry & Gay, the story of a big-deal Broadway star returning home to a small hometown where meddling mothers (and love) await. It’s a classic formula that works every time and we welcome the sapphic twist. (It even stars Dolly Parton’s sister, Stella!)

You can rent the movie, purchase it, or get it as part of a monthly subscription to the Diva Box Office service, so check out the trailer then head over to the website to make your decision. There’s even a 3-day free trial, so that’s our suggestion!

Happy holidaying!

Merry & Gay
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3-day free trial here

Photo by Josiah Clark