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Brunches Of The Year Countdown: 4…3…

Get ready for one of the best weekends in recent memory!

Because with New Year’s Eve falling on a Saturday and New Year’s Day on Sunday, you can have your last brunch of 2022 and 24 hours later, your first brunch of 2023!

For brunch lovers like us, it’s a dream covered in hollandaise served with a side of hashbrowns and a pitcher of Tito’s Bloody Marys.

So to help get you in the mood for a back-to-back, two-years-in-a-row brunch double feature this Saturday and Sunday, we’re counting down our favorite brunches of 2022.

We’ve already revealed our #10 and #9 choices. Then # 8 and #7. And yesterday, #6 and #5.

Today, we continue our countdown with #4 and #3. Then come back tomorrow as we lead you on an egg-filled journey to #1.

Happy New Year and to all a good brunch!

Electric Shuffle Brunch Spread

#4: Electric Shuffle

Why we love it: The shuffleboard games are a total blast, and the family-style brunch spread’s perfect for eating while standing.
Our original review can be found here.

Malai Thai Eggs Benedict by Kevin Marple

#3: Malai Kitchen

Why we love it: As much brunch as we eat, we have a deep appreciation for clever interpretations that pay tribute to the original version of the dish with a twist that showcases the restaurant’s unique type of cuisine. Malai balances these two things splendidly, from Banh Mi French Toast (pictured at top of story, photo by Kevin Marple) to Thai Eggs Benedict.
Our original review can be found here.