Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Benedict, Barbara & Brides.

Death precedes new life.  And new loves.

Benedict.  I don’t always respond to news of the Catholic faith, but I feel I must offer Christian interpretation regarding the death of a former Pope.  Brother Joe Ratzinger was the first Pope to resign his term in over 500 years.  His resignation, almost 10 years ago, was cloaked in his poor health.  He sure held up well!  I daresay we’ve historically seen papal bodies propped up in Rome like a weekend at Bernie’s, so ailing health seemed a cloying excuse.  More likely, he resigned lest he get soiled with the scandal of child abuse under his watch in the church.  Regardless, Pope Benedict breathes no more.  I’d like to thank the priests who helped Joe pick that papal name.  Truly there has never Benedic(t) like him in robes and Prada shoes, and may there never again.  Hail, Mary!

Barbara.  As long as I’m opining on all things non-Babatist, let us remember the passing of a fine Jewish woman.  Sister Barbara Walters broke countless barriers as a woman in media.  Paving the way for the likes of Diane Sawyer, Connie Chung, Katie Couric and Robin Roberts, Barbara forged her path as the first female news anchor of a network nightly news program.  Her vast catalog of interviews are unparalleled in journalism.  From major political figures to overblown celebrities, Sister BW probed more people than aliens from Mars.  She also created the television train wreck, THE VIEW.  So we have her to blame for that.  It certainly had an air of dignity while she was a part, but if you ask me, watching it decline after she retired may very well have been the reason she lost her mind.  But I digress.  Bless you, Barbara.  May your memory anoint all who remember you.  And I pray that you are restored to full speech abilities.  Otherwise, Hawwy Weasonuh will hunt you down in the afterlife!

Brides.  Speaking of Robin Roberts (can you imagine BW introducing HER?), she has started the New Year with a proclamation.  Robin will be marrying her longtime lesbyterian lover, Amber Laign, in the coming months.  What a flash of this modern world!  Not only a same-sex marriage, but an inter-racial one as well.  Let us rejoice as these two women personify this new age of matrimony.  In light of recent comments from the Supreme Court, Sister Robin has thrown down a gauntlet that has likely caught the hem of Clarence Thomas’ robe in a real and personal way.  Who’s Loving who?