Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pop. Presley. Pursuits.

I covet your commitment to these prayer concerns.

Pop.  That pop music eponymous trollop, Madonna, has announced that she will be touring again.  I give her grace for her ability to reinvent herself numerous times.  But she’s still a slut.  I must say, however, that her latest efforts at reinvention have been rather drastic and in a physical manner.  She’s practically unrecognizable.  She’d better play big arenas with no jumbotrons, or people will wonder who exactly is on the stage.  At this point, I think Sister Gaga should just step in.  She looks more like the Madonna we all know, AND she sings better.  Amen?

Presley.  Speaking of plastic surgery, let us pause for reflection in memory of Sister Lisa Marie Presley.  What a turbulent life.  To be the only child of such a legendary performer, her life was held up to much scrutiny.  Her life choices often seemed questionable, especially in matrimonial matters, yet she remained determined to carry on the family name.  As sole heir to her father’s estate, she never wanted for material things, yet personal happiness often eluded her.  The abject shock of her mother’s facial transformations must have led her to a decision to do a better job at such work.  A decision that was clearly unfulfilled.  Her heart, having been broken by familial losses, finally gave out.  As we mourn, let us rejoice that the Presley name will go on as Brother George Santos reveals his lineage as Elvis’ bastard son.  Glory!

Pursuits.  Once again, I find myself wading into the field of professional sports in order to provide some Christian guidance.  I have spoken many times about the ministry of Brother Tom Brady and his ongoing pursuit to be America’s oldest and most discussed ball player.  Whether it’s his divorce, his retirement(s), his beauty or his team-hopping, he remains in the public eye.  However, after his most recent failure at the hands of a bunch of Cowboys, one wonders if the time has come to be Joan Crawford and hang up the shoulder pads.  Time and again, Brother Tom has quit and come back.  It is my prayer that he go gracefully into the sunset.  Unfortunately, rumor has it that Brother Kevin McCarthy has been calling Tommy and we all know what THAT means.