Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lives, Legislation & Lions.

Let us start off on our knees.

Lives.  The Lord is leading me to begin this week’s prayer concerns with actual prayer.  Join me as we approach the throne of grace.  “Lord, I come to you with a heavy heart as our nation is beset with gun violence.  Why there have already been more mass shootings in this land than there have been days in this new year is unfathomable.  I pray that you will convict the hearts of those who may still be preparing to take up arms against their fellow humans.  But most importantly, Lord, I pray that you will speak to the minds of your alleged faithful in public office who continue to preach the gospel of God and guns.  Lord, heal their thoughts and turn them from their semi-automatic ways.  And Lord, if they will not turn their eyes upon you, may they turn their AK47s on each other so that the rest of us can get some sensible laws passed.  I ask this in the Name of Peace, Amen.”

Legislation.  I am downright alarmed at the influx of artificial intelligence befalling this world.  On the one hand, it can be far more sensible than the level of intelligence seen in many governmental halls, but that’s not my point here.  The idea that there is now a program that can write a sensible speech on any topic given gives me pause.  Is this a marvel, or is it a coming tidal wave of trouble as thoughtful words will now be available at the push of a button?  I am in prayer for a positive use of this AI.  I have already downloaded Chat GPT to my own computer.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to let it write my future missives, or if I’m going to ask it to write a sensible piece of gun legislation for the brainless, heartless, uncourageous cretins in power.

Lions.  I’d like to end this week with a comment on something truly vapid, stupid and freakish which has caused quite an “uproar.”  Sister Kylie Jenner (surprise) had the gall to show up at a “fashion” show in Paris wearing a full-sized lion’s head as a brooch.  Sister, why can’t you stick to a butterfly or bumble bee pin like the rest of us?  I’d even settle for a diamond-eyed lion stick pin in your lapel.  But this?  First of all, I don’t want to think about how that thing stays in place when you clearly have never worn a brassiere in your life.  And what, exactly, are you trying to say?  You just finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia?  You want MGM to cast you in a film?  You like to sit in front of public libraries as statuary?  Or perhaps, you’re showing the rest of the world that you really are a mindless idiot?  I give up.  But if that thing opens its mouth and roars in my presence, it’ll be hanging on the wall over my sofa!