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Travel Tuesday: Ultimate Peace & Quiet Only 90 Minutes From DFW

Now that the holidays are over, many of us are looking for a little respite from the chaos of family and more events than we’ve had on our calendar in months.

Of course, if you were quarantined because of Omicron, then you likely got plenty of rest.

In either scenario, a change of scenery’s always worth the drive. And Getaway Piney Woods in Larue, Texas, delivers a bounty of peace, quiet, relaxation and potential adventure that’s less than a two-hour drive from Dallas-Fort Worth.

Each tiny cabin is surrounded by natural beauty. Photo credit: Michelle Watt.

Each tiny (and we do mean tiny) cabin is identical with the exception of the sleeping arrangements. You can opt for a single queen bed or two, which feature a bunk-bed style approach where an upper bed must be reached from a ladder. We highly recommend a single-bed scenario if at all possible in order to truly appreciate the beauty of waking up (and going to bed) next to the giant picture window at the edge of the cabin.

Worth noting, the bed is surprisingly comfortable and the sheets are top-quality, which only added to an incredible night’s sleep away from the worries of the city. All visitors are encouraged to stow away their cell phones and other electronic devices to truly disconnect. We took board games and realized that we really need more Yahtzee in our lives, even in the big city.

There’s a tiny kitchen, too, with a two-burner stove and a single pot and pan. There’s no microwave, so get creative in your meal planning, which is part of the fun, too. Or just stock up on grab-and-go meals that you can put in the small fridge. During these cold months, an ice chest outside can double as extra refrigerator and freezer space.

The bathroom features a walk-in shower with nice bath products and the kitchen sink doubles as the bathroom sink. So try not to get toothpaste in your breakfast.

Outside, there’s a fire pit (and cheap firewood and starters for purchase), plus a picnic table when the weather is nice enough to eat or play games outside. We found ourselves staying up late into the night with a roaring fire while watching the stars.

No more than four people are allowed to congregate at any tiny cabin and noise restrictions are in place to make it a tranquil experience for everyone, even though cabins are far enough apart that you probably won’t ever hear anything from your neighbors. This also makes for a perfect romantic escape.

The Getaway experience also welcomes your well-behaved dogs, and they’ll even have treats waiting for them alongside your own s’mores kit.

Don’t overpack like we did, you really don’t need much.

Hell, with nobody in sight, you can be naked all day for all anyone would know. (But then again, frostbite.)

Book your stay starting at only $79 per night and discover the joyous pleasures of a vacation where nothing is on the agenda.

Sneak a peek at what you’ll experience in the photos below:

Get creative in the kitchen. The bedroom leads right into the kitchen and tiny dining table.
Cozy up with someone special in the queen-size bed. Photo credit: Steven Lindsey
Bring your furry pal, too. Photo credit: Steven Lindsey.

Getaway Piney Woods
Starting at $79 per night
Add $50 for dogs per booking
Larue, TX