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Underwear Of The Month: The Other CK For V-Day

The first designer underwear we ever fell in love with was Calvin Klein.

Mostly because it was being worn by our big-time crush, Michael J. Fox, in a brief-but-long-enough-for-teenaged-us underwear scene from Back to the Future.

We immediately went out to Dillard’s after we left the movie theater and bought a pair. It cost us a big chunk of our monthly allowance, but we’ll never forget the exhilaration of seeing the half-naked man on the box and taking it home for, um, later.

Anyway, for February’s Underwear Of The Month, we’re highlighting CK once again.

Except this time it’s not Calvin Klein.

The other CK: Casey Kevin

While browsing Amazon the other day looking for new underwear brands, we came across not only our favorite new search category. We’d barely typed in the words “mens sexy un…” before “mens sexy underwear for straight men” popped to the top of the suggestions.

A quick look and we’re baffled what makes this straight (or this for that matter), but whatever. It gave us a chuckle and we refined our search. “Gay mens underwear slutty” appeared next, and before you know it, we’d finally landed on a brand we thought would be fun for Valentine’s Day: Casey Kevin.

You’ll look strapping in these!

The font’s very similar to Calvin Klein and at first glance, you might even think that’s the name you’re seeing. But these briefs, jock straps, boxer briefs and thongs are quite different from anything Mr. Klein would produce for mass consumption.

They have see-through options, mostly see-through mesh designs and other sexy-on-the-right person styles. (They’d probably be more of a sight gag for us to wear) We ordered some just to test out and they’re actually pretty well-fitting.

Best of all, they can arrive well ahead of Valentine’s Day because most styles can be ordered with Amazon Prime two-day delivery. And they’re dirt cheap. Single pairs start out at only $4.99, so even if you’re buying these as a joke, it’s still cheaper than roses.

With a more enjoyable prick.

Casey Kevin Underwear
From $4.99
Free Prime delivery in time for V-Day