Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Be Ready At The Drop Of A Hat (Or Pants)

You’ll never be the Top of the Bottoms if you’re dirty in all the wrong places.

We’ve all been there and it’s not a good situation in the slightest (even if he really is “the tightest.”)

So whether you’re a total bottom, a top looking to venture into vers territory or simply want to help out your friends who spend more time on all fours than your furbaby, Pure For Men has your backside.

The Austin, Texas-based company has made its mission to ensure that everyone in the LGBTQ community has confidence when it comes to sex.

Pure For Men has a full lineup of sex products, including Stay Ready Fiber Capsules and Stay Ready Fiber Powder, as well as a variety of lubes, wipes and a Bum Bulb to make sure there really, truly are no surprises.

They also have a bidet attachment, which you can test drive at one of our favorite Palm Springs resorts, INNdulge. (They have them in every guest room!)

And because even the horniest among us don’t always always have sex on the brain, Pure For Men has expanded their extensive line of products to include vitamins and other supplements, body products and facial products so that your skin can look and feel its very best.

We love to support other Texas businesses, especially those that support us getting busy in Texas.

So before your next Grindr grind or Scruff sesh, make sure you stock up on Pure For Men.

Everyone will thank you in the end.

Pure For Men