Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Exposure, Expending & Expenses.

I’m on a rampage AGAIN this week.  Join me in this justifiable anger.

Exposure.  Let us turn our eyes to the confluence of art and education.  I believe that all children should be exposed to the art of biblically-related subject matter.  The painting of the Last Supper, the sculpture of Jesus with his Mama, or any version of a manger scene.  However, I have never figured out why precious David, singer of Psalms and slayer of giants, had to be sculpted completely nekkid!  Certainly it is a marvel of marble chiseling, but put him in a loincloth for God’s sake.  Nonetheless, generations of children have viewed Brother Angelo’s statue and it the world is still spinning.  Therefore, I’m a bit puzzled that some parents in Florida have had their children’s school principal fired for showing Michel’s statue to her students, claiming it was pornographic.  I guess we should just stick to photos of our former First Lady with her fingers on her burning bush.  Nobody seemed to care about THAT!

Expending.  I am tired.  I am weary.  I am bereaved.  We are expending energy and legal wrangling on hiding our children from naked art, shielding them from certain books, and protecting them from visits from painted-up clowns.  Instead, we subject them to loss of life and predatory gun violence.  Where is the legislation against that?  Have we not misplaced our focus?  I’m praying about a convention of the fine folk of the NRA to be held at an elementary school somewhere.  And then promoting it at gun shops nationwide to the indiscriminate buyers of assault rifles looking for some target practice.  Forgive me Lord for this ill will, but Jesus Loves the Little Children.

Expenses.  “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”  Words of prayer and beseeching from the mouth of our King of Kings.  Yet how can we say this prayer when our banking system is collapsing all around us?  We should have seen it coming.  Interest-free checking?  Just means that the banks don’t care about our accounts.  Certificates of deposit?  Just pieces of paper to make us think we’ve got money.  ATM deposits?  We’re giving them All The Money.  I’m seriously considering putting my offerings and money under my mattress again.  Hopefully, going forward, the only thing overdrawn at the banks will be the eyebrows on the tellers.  Let us pray.