Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunches Of The Moment: Drags & Bacon Edition

We’ve been traveling nearly every weekend in 2023 so far, so our brunch coverage has been seriously lacking.

But this week, we heard about a drag brunch in Plano that we thought we’d write about, but in searching for the complete details, we realized just how many drag brunches there are across the Dallas-Fort Worth region right now.

So rather than write about one, we thought we’d link to several—one of them’s surely in a neighborhood near you. (And feel free to call us Shirley.)

We’ve always been huge drag fans, but now more than ever with all the drag bans going into effect across the country, not to mention the real possibility that it will happen right here in the Republic(an) of Texas.

Click the links to any of the drag brunches that follow and book for this weekend or Easter weekend (hell, go to two a week if you can!). You can always search eventbrite.com for a huge list of drag brunch events, too.

This weekend and next weekend alone, you can get your eggs scrambled, poached or fried, your mimosas cold and bottomless, and your Bloody Marys as spicy as you can handle at these 11 Saturday and Sunday drag brunches across the DFW metroplex.

Among your options (all locations are in Dallas unless otherwise noted): The Dallas View Drag Brunch, Drag Brunch at Blüm Dallas, BuZz n’ BabeZz Drag Brunch at BuzzBrews Lakewood, Smashing Drag Brunch at PepperSmash in Plano, Mr. Misster’s Champagne Drag Brunch, Easter Brunch & Day Party at Frida’s, Twisted Drag Brunch at Twisted Bar & Grill in The Colony, BlackFriar Drag Brunch a BlackFriar Pub, Drag Brunch at The Trove, Giddy Up Drag Brunch at Concrete Cowboy in Fort Worth, Illusions The Drag Brunch, and Pop Icons Drag Queen Brunch at The Glen in Frisco.

That’s a pretty comprehensive list, but we know there are even more out there. So do your own Jessica Fletcher-style sleuthing to uncover one on your own.

We simply wanted to give you a head start.

Drag Brunches Across DFW
Various dates
Find many at eventbrite.com

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