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The People On The Planet

Once upon a time, there was a planet that had no light. The People on the Planet lived in fear and dread of what would happen to them, as there were Those who were So Inclined to take advantage of the darkness to do awful things to the People on the Planet, and sometimes to each other.  

So it was that the People on the Planet looked out into the sky and wished for a light to come to them from the universe that would illuminate their dark planet to prevent Those who were So Inclined from doing what they were doing. They believed that if they, the People on the Planet, would assemble and use their collective energy to send out into the universe their desire for light that what they so longed for would appear.

And it happened that this collective energy created a pull, a sort of gravitational force, that went out into the universe. When it was sustained by the People on the Planet, the force was strong enough and traveled far enough that, one day, it met with a sphere of light that was not attached to any other planet.

The pull of the force caused the sphere of light to start down a path toward the planet with no light. When it got close enough that they could see that this sphere of light was coming to them, the People on the Planet began to rejoice and celebrate. Soon enough, the sphere of light locked into an orbit around the planet, becoming a moon providing light to the planet below.

The People on the Planet were so thrilled, and they wrote songs to celebrate their new moon that they had manifested. They sang about its silvery beams and the joy of dancing in the moonlight. The People on the Planet saw a face in the uneven surface of the moon, making this new moon even more treasured.

But while the new moon provided light, the casting of light also created shadows. Those who were So Inclined took advantage of these shadows to continue their unholy work, if in somewhat restricted spaces due to the arrival of the new moon.

The People on the Planet realized that, having manifested their new moon, they could use their collective energy to pull to them another moon to cast light into those shadows of which Those who were So Inclined were taking advantage. So it came to pass that they created a new force, and lo and behold, it found its target in a new sphere of light that was wandering aimlessly around the universe.

Again, there was great rejoicing with the arrival of this second moon, for it carried with it the hope of casting out the shadows in which Those who were So Inclined continued to do their unholy work. The two moons were in orbit around the planet. The People on the Planet saw another face on the second moon, and they appeared as lovers in the sky. Sometimes in their orbits, they seemed to be moving apart, which the People on the Planet calling the teasing phase. Other times, the moons would seem to move toward each other, in a coaxing phase. When they would appear to be just barely touching, they were in the kissing phase. But when they overlapped, the People on the Planet said the moons were making love.

Those who were So Inclined were quite furious with this latest development. They thought it bad enough when the first moon showed up, but the arrival of the second threatened to eradicate any space on the planet where they could do their unholy work under the cloud of darkness. Not to mention that the sky was aglow with life-affirming lovemaking and that those two faces might be a man and a woman, or two men, or two women, or some other configuration with which they were wholly uncomfortable. It was too much for Those who were So Inclined to bear.

So it was that Those who were So Inclined decided that a moon that could be manifested by collective energy could be repelled by their own collective energy. They assembled and sent their collective repellent energy to push the second moon away, and Those who were So Inclined were successful. As the light from the second moon began to dim, Those who were So Inclined began to look forward to the day when the light of the second moon would vanish entirely, and then they could direct their unholy work on the first moon so that the planet would once again be in total darkness.

The People of the Planet saw what Those who were So Inclined were doing, and many were confused about how to channel their rage against the dying of the light. Some of the People of the Planet spent much of their energy fighting against individuals, sometimes forgetting that their power had come from their collective energy.

Well, this story has no moral. This story has no end. This story only goes to show ya, there are things to which we must tend. You can be right, but it can still go wrong.