Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gwen, Madge & Vlad.

My prayers are people-centered this week.  Let us remember these.

Gwen.  I watched with mild intrigue the recent trial involving Sister Gwyneth Paltrow.  When lawsuits between two rich people colliding while frolicking on the snowy slopes of unaffordable Utah resorts becomes newsworthy, I can only view it as entertainment rather than legal precedent.  Years ago, Brother Oral Roberts clipped my Rambler with his Lincoln in the parking lot of a tent revival.  I suppose I could have sued him today, but back then, I merely hurled some unchristian verbiage in his general direction.  But poor GP.  Suffering through the indignity of a televised trial over whether or not she caused injury to someone who may or may not be in need of extra cash.  I simply must applaud Gwen’s Christian attitude after her acquittal.  She whispered to her accuser, “I wish you well.”  That is far more gracious than what I yelled at Oral Roberts, I can tell you that!

Madge.  I’ve said for years that I miss the newscasters of former days.  I believed every word Walter Cronkite uttered.  Usually, I could depend on the old-school news show, 60 Minutes.  After all, they’ve never shied away from controversial news figures, having interviewed Oklahoma bombers and Iranian despots.  But I find myself introspective as I digest this latest interview with Sister Marjorie T. Greene.  Hard-hitting journalism asks tough questions.  Yet Sister Lesley Stahl, in interviewing MTG, seemed to have lost her journalistic fire.  (Off the record, I’m now expecting Sister Lesley to dig up Brother Manson and Brother Adolf for an interview so they can tell their perspectives on kindness, antisemitism and the sanctity of life, but I digress.)  Madame Stahl and her crew gave the Georgia Congresswoman an opportunity to blather on about any number of her auspicious claims.  She has now compared “He Who Has Been Indicted” to Jesus Christ because the man is being arrested and persecuted.  Please.  The only way I’ll assent to that analogy would be if you-know-who had ridden into Manhattan in Madge’s car.  After all, Jesus came into Jerusalem on a jackass.

Vlad.  I may have read this wrong, but Finland is in the news for blowing Vladimir Putin.  That’s disgusting, but maybe Pooty will be in a better mood for a while.  Oh dear readers, forgive me.  What actually happened is that Finland joined NATO “in a blow to Putin.”  Well, that’s certainly very different indeed.  I’m now going to pray for the Alliance as they strengthen their resolve against the Russians.  Perhaps this will Finnish off Vlad for good.  Lord, hear our prayer.