Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Alt Rock From A Queer POC

Hard as you might try, it’s difficult even in 2023 to find a lot of queer people of color making great music.

But today, that still-low tally bumps one higher with the release of the single “Boyhood” from Binoy, an artist born and raised in Kenya to Indian and Sri Lankan¬†immigrant parents.

The talented singer-songwriter only has a handful of songs and videos merging a variety of musical genres, including Indian-inspired pop and alternative rock for a sound that’s true to his background and influences.

But “Boyhood” could easily propel him to new heights of popularity.

Take a watch (and listen) below.

We can totally imagine this animated video on the screens at JR’s and Woody’s, or people dancing to the song at The Round-Up or S4.

The track is very personal to Binoy, but we can all connect with the concept of looking back at our younger selves to offer advice.

We know our list would be long and extremely detailed.

Minus the catchy musical accompaniment.

“Boyhood” from Binoy
Out today

Photo courtesy of Binoy