Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pharisees, Phantoms & Philistines.

We need the Lord more than ever this week.

Pharisees.  I pray that all my readers did their American duty and paid their taxes yesterday.  This necessary evil funds so many things that keep our country operating.  Fine people pay their fair share much as they have for years.  I, too, render unto Caesar that which is his.  My ministry isn’t quite classified such as to claim religious exemption.  Not paying any or adequate taxes is the privilege of organized religion and the filthy rich.  (Being a filthy rich church leader is the double whammy of tax-free living.)  Reflect on that when you tithe to the Pharisee of some overblown ministry.  Brother Osteen works very hard to call you followers of Christ instead of write-offs for Jesus.

Phantoms.  I don’t normally see stage productions outside of a church pageant or the occasional wholesome musical.  However, I’d have to have been living under a rock for over 30 years to not know about THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.  Really, the title alone sounds satanic.  I may believe in the Holy Ghost, but Phantoms are too pagan for me.  Nonetheless, the fact that this show is closing its continuous Broadway run of 35 years is apparently newsworthy.  (I’ll admit to seeing this skit once, but only because Brother Webber also wrote JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and I felt the need to support his additional work.)  Blessings to all who have been gainfully employed by this musical spectacle.  I hope the producers find good uses for all the costumes and props.  I could use the boat and the fog for my re-enactment of sinners in the lake of fire.  Our church parlor needs a new chandelier, only we’ll make sure it doesn’t fall.  And I know a few people at my church who need at least a partial mask before leaving the house (especially that first soprano in our choir who shall heretofore be referred to as The Spectre of the Sanctuary!).

Philistines.  I’m convinced that the Lord made the State of Florida in the shape that it is so that He can easily grab it and yank it off the map.  While He has yet to reach such wrath, I believe that the present government of the Sunshine State is tempting His hand.  Consider this…….I have certainly had my personal concerns with the Disney people for their pandering to sodomites and lesbyterians, but I also know that thousands of fine families have enjoyed wholesome vacations behind the walls of the Magic Kingdom.  So watching this Philistine Florida Governor go after Disney just irritates me.  Sister Rhonda Santis is in a spitting match over certain tax breaks given to The Mouse and is now seeking loopholes to irritate the entertainment Goliath.  Threatening to take up private land next to the parks, Sister Santis proposes a state park, another theme park or a state prison.  I can see it now…….the Governor grabs land for camping and riding a roller coaster directly into solitary confinement.  Remember, Rhonda………the Magic Kingdom has brought many blessings to children of His Kingdom………….and Jesus is reaching for the panhandle.