Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

V Marks The Spot

We love anything featuring a decidedly queer spin.

Gay Beer.

LGBTQ-owned underwear brands such as JJ Malibu and Andrew Christian.

That Instagram account with all the asshole Republicans transformed into drag queens.

Because let’s be honest, everything’s better when it’s gayer.

Case in point: the newest album from queer artist Mathew V, Anything Goes.

Out now, this new collection of nine classic songs, including several jazz standards, delivers a nice twist on the lyrics. Pronouns are changed and each tune takes on a whole new meaning (and life) as sung from a queer point of view.

From “Moon River” and “Big Spender” to “Georgia on My Mind” and “Mamma Mia,” Mathew V makes each cover version of these all-time classic hits his very own.

You can purchase this album from all your favorite online stores, or stream it via your go-to music apps.

It’ll make a wonderful conversation starter—and an excellent soundtrack—at your next dinner party.

Or if you want to be stereotypically gay about it, your next brunch.

Anything Goes, Mathew V
Available now to purchase and stream

Photos courtesy of Mathew V