Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Let us ponder these letters.

WGA.  As I write this column, I realize that I should refrain from doing so, that I may be in solidarity with the writers in Hollywood who have just gone on strike.  Yet here you are, reading what I wrote yesterday.  I have compassion for these writers who feel that their work is being undervalued.  I would feel that way as well……if I were paid at their level.  However, my weekly take for this inspirational reading is, how shall I say, below union grade.  Therefore, I salute my fellow writers for their stand for better pay.  In the meantime, I’ll keep typing away in hopes that the Lord will send manna from Heaven via my editor.

DNA.  With a particular death last week, a portion of trash TV has also passed.  Brother Jerry Springer rocketed to fame by hosting a talk show which quickly evolved into a parade of confrontational trash and uneducated attention seekers.  (Much like the fine folk following the former First Man!)  Whether one wanted to confront an alleged DNA relation, a cheating paramour or any litany of human oddities, Jerry Springer’s show wanted you.  The more salacious, the better.  The more on-air disruptions, the better.  Brother Springer, I understand, was a fine man who, at one point, served as Mayor of Cincinnati.  It was the bloodthirst of television idiots that kept him going into a downward spiral.  I like to think that Brother Jerry is indeed in Glory today.  What concerns me is that he may have already been contacted by Mary, the Mother of Our Lord, about a meeting with Joseph and the Holy Spirit for a stage fight over which is the baby daddy.

AKA.  Let us pray for Brother Tucker Carlson, aka the $787.5 Million Dollar Man.  Let us lift him up in his time of unemployment.  Let us spread the news of his plight.  And let us do it in a way that is sensationalized, angry and mostly untrue.  After all, what he hath sown, so shall he reap.  While I am unsure where he will again be gainfully employed, I know there is a slot open for a talk show which quickly evolves into a parade of confrontational trash and uneducated attention seekers.  Just a thought.