Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Get Fresh For Less—Way Less

We love to eat.

And that will come as no surprise to anyone who’s tired of hearing us continue to whine about our “Covid belly” now at least two years after that was an acceptable excuse.

The only thing we enjoy more than chowing down on great food is the ability to get it all at a bargain price.

That’s why we’re so grateful a chef friend turned us on to Too Good To Go. This relatively new-to-Dallas app puts you in touch with nearby restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores that have items at the end of the day that will go to waste if nobody buys them.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can browse through several options and reserve your “surprise bag” for the same day or at a specific time the next day.

You’ll find offers from Tiff’s Treats, Crickles & Co., vendors at the Dallas Farmers Market, donut shops galore and our favorite so far, Eataly.

Between us and our friends, we’ve eaten like big ol’ queens thanks to our Eataly surprise bags. A recent purchase of a large mixed grocery bag yielded a fresh pasta kit for four people, two sandwiches, two flatbreads, a container of fresh burrata, and assorted pastries. All that was only $14.99.

We were able to snag four bunches of fresh-from-the-farm veggies for $3.99 at the Farmers Market through the app. (We’re now huge fans of kohlrabi as a result!)

We also picked up multiple grab-and-go meals for $7.99 from Snap Kitchen.

Half the fun is not knowing what you’re going to get, but the rest of the joy comes from getting high-quality food at a fraction of the price.

So if you’re the gambling type and prefer a safe bet, definitely check out Too Good To Go for yourself.

Our friends are going to be angry we’re sharing this news and adding to the competition for prior scores such as from Eataly, but we’re givers that way.

As long as you don’t get anywhere near our bag of croissants.

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