Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gayborhood Spotlight: Yummy As Cluck

If you’ve been following our soap opera-worthy lives of late, you know we’ve been living temporarily in the gayborhood for the past few weeks.

So we’ve been hitting up every LGBTQ haunt one by one, taking full advantage of our proximity to so much fun. (Our bar tabs alone prove the latter.)

After months of promising ourselves we’d get into Alexandre’s to try their new food menu, we finally made it in this past Sunday.

We chose the Lerd’s day in particular because that’s the only time customers can flip Chick-fil-A the bird and order a Chick-full-gAy sandwich instead.

The sandwich arrives at the table in the same style foil wrapper. But instead of the logo that represents a history of donations to anti-LGBTQ organizations from the fast-food giant and its billionaire owner, you’ll see a Pride sticker of some sort.

Inside, the sandwich looks almost exactly like the original. The bun’s a little different, but the chicken itself looks remarkably the same. The flavor’s spot on, too, but enhanced by the sauce that accompanies it.

Also only on Sundays, you can fill up on chicken and waffles. Or any day of the week, their new Chick-full-gAy Nugs!

So if you’ve yet to get to Alexandre’s to support this local gem—whether you’re hungry or simply want a craft cocktail with a side of live music—shake a tailfeather and get there soon.

4026 Cedar Springs Boulevard, Dallas

Photo courtesy of Alexandre’s