Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Talk About A Thirsty Post

‘Tis the season for hydration. LOTS of hydration.

So we’re here to help spread the message of anti-plastic water bottles.

Sure, we still drink water out of plastic bottles but it hurts our souls a little bit each time because they’re so terrible for the environment and few people recycle them.

Therefore, whenever we can, we seek out non-plastic bottle alternatives, whether it’s Tetra Pak, aluminum or our own reusable bottle (a must-have at every airport unless you enjoy spending $8 for Fiji.)

We’ve enjoyed Open Water several times (as in the canned water, not paddling frantically in the middle of the ocean thinking of that crazy movie).

And that’s long before we found out it’s owned by lesbian entrepreneurs, Jess Page and Nicole Doucet (pictured at top of story).

Packed with electrolytes and ultra-purified Open Water products all come in BPA-free aluminum packaging that people actually recycle—keeping nasty plastic waste out of our planet’s already vulnerable seas.

In the Dallas area, you can grab a bottle while you’re dining at CAVA or staying at the Thompson Dallas. Then head to your nearest Central Market location to stock up for your own home.

It’s a small part you can play to help change the water-drinking industry one aluminum can or bottle at a time.

We, of course, will be throwing in a little Tito’s Handmade Vodka into our water to celebrate our eco-activism!

Open Water
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