Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Oafs, Oaths & Oofs.

Things are on fire this week.

Oafs.  As a devout Southern Babatist, I do my best to embody the tenets of the faith.  I am constantly reminding others how my faith status gives me a more highly favored position than all the rest of you out there.  I am, after all, going to heaven unlike most of you. (I’m looking at YOU, Church of Christ heathens!)  However, my faith is being tested after last week’s annual Southern Babatist Convention.  The “hemangelical” leaders of the faith decreed and voted that all congregations with women pastors and deacons are not in fellowship with the SBC and are thus stricken from the fold.  I refuse to have my calling called into question.  Post “three-day nap”, Jesus said howdy to a couple of women before any of the 12 reprobate men.  Thankfully, the fine fold at my church, The First Southern Fried, Self-Satisfied Babatist Church, continue to exhort me to lay hands on all who come to me and to offer oral testimony therefor.  And I’m willing to bet that St. Peter will be holding the Pearly Gates open for a lady long before any man enters.  Pray for us, Lottie Moon.

Oaths.  God, in His infallible judgment, never missteps or embarrasses Himself.  The same cannot be said for beings of earthly counsel.  I have long promised to keep my oath to my Lord that I will be a minister for the gospel.  However, other keepers of oaths in our midst are beholden to a less lofty oath.  Remember the misguided zealots who became uninvited guests to the White House on a certain 6th day of the month?  Those keepers of their oath sought counsel in light of the charges brought against them.  Alleged counsel was less than spirit filled in her fight to represent.  As stated before, I am all for empowering women in ministry, whether spiritual or legal.  Unfortunately, Sister Kellye SoRelle, the “woman who claimed to be general counsel for the right-wing Oath Keepers militia, will be held in federal custody for mental health treatment after a judge ruled Tuesday that she was incompetent to stand trial.”  It’s so hard to defend an oath when the protector is in the nut house.  Let us pray.

Oofs.  There is a severe heat wave across our land, specifically here in my home state.  Humidity levels are at an all-time high.  Coupled with high temperatures, it’s feeling like it’s up to 120 degrees outside.  Oof!  Lord, hear our prayer!  Ever looking to the redemption side of these trials and tribulations, I am praying that the Lord will use these temperatures to offer a taste of the fires of Hell in hopes of bringing more to salvation.  Otherwise, my perspiration is in vain.  Oof!