Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Cattrall’s Out Of The Bag

Fresh off the pop culture explosion surrounding Kim Cattrall’s (brief) return to the Sex and the City universe as Samantha Jones, we’re about to be treated to a whole lot more of the sultry funny lady.

Much like Cattrall’s SATC alter ego, her Madelyn Addison persona makes fashion a top priority.

And if that’s not enough, we even get to see the former Mannequin back in a department store!

Stream it all today on Netflix as Glamorous drops a 10-episode first season.

We didn’t have time to binge the whole season sent our way, but we plowed through the first episode and think we’re really going to enjoy it.

It’s a little bit The Devil Wears Prada, although Cattrall’s boss lady leans kinder and more nurturing than batshit crazy, But most importantly, it’s a whole lot queer. Gay, lesbian, non-binary, transgender—every person on the rainbow spectrum of LGBTQness gets some time in the spotlight.

Download it for your next flight (we think it’s a perfect way to pass the time at 30,000 feet) or stream it from your pool lounger for a little light summer viewing that might just leave you inspired.

And definitely in need of some new lipstick.

Full season streams today

Photo courtesy of Netflix