Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Homes, Hosts & Honorees.

I am on my knees about these things this week.

Homos.  I have been made aware of a young man who is a rising star in the NBA.  Although he is a mere 19 years old, he made a name for himself playing college basketball for the Kansas Jayhawks and was recently signed to play for the Toronto Raptors. (Foreigners!)  The Lord created this young man, named Gradey Dick, to be a towering 6’8” golden-haired cherub.  I’m concerned, however, that he showed up at the NBA Draft event wearing a red sequined ensemble which he claims to have been inspired by THE WIZARD OF OZ.  I don’t care if he IS from Kansas, we need to pray about this.  I don’t know too many young men who get inspired by that film, wear sequined ensembles and look rather delicate, who aren’t full-on sodomites.  I mean, let’s recap…..angelic face, sequined suit, WIZARD OF OZ, a questionable last name, and his new Raptors Jersey with his name and number………..Dick 1.  I think I’ve made my point.

Hosts.  Speaking of men of questionable demeanor, Brother Ryan Seacrest has been named as the new host of WHEEL OF FORTUNE after Brother Pat Sajak retires next year.  No word as to whether Sister Vanna will remain in her mindless position, but we will “turn” to that later down the road.  As someone who was a contestant on this extravaganza in the early years of my ministry, I remember being aghast at the amount of makeup Brother Pat had on his face.  Should this trend continue, little Ryan is going to be giddy with delight as he gets to pancake his visage too.  Interestingly, Brother RS got pegged by Merv Griffin (so to speak) in the early days of his career to host a short-lived game show.  Somewhere, Brother Merv is mincing with delight over Ryan’s appointment and ascension to a job heretofore held by a conservative midget.

Honorees.  I have such respect for the Kennedy Center when they honor entertainment people of distinction each year.  It’s always wholesome television in December.  However, this year’s awardees have just been announced, and I’m a bit flummoxed at one of the choices.  There’s always ONE honoree which seems unusual.  Why honor a “young’un” who still has years of success ahead of them, when there are long-time performers who have yet to be recognized?  I don’t even know who Queen Latifah is, nor do I know of her royal domain.  Queen of what?  Is she related to Antifa?  I don’t want to say that the Kennedy Center has missed the boat with this, but Sister Liza Minnelli ain’t gonna be around much longer, and the sodomites are getting surly.