Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Underwear Of The Month: Pump Up Your Pride

Happy Last Day of Pride Month!

We figured it made sense to end our favorite 30 days of the year with our favorite gay thing in the world—underwear!

Even though the official celebration comes to a close today, you can keep the Pride vibe going all year long with the new Pride Collection from PUMP!

Priced at $29 for the Strength Jock, $31 for the Strength Brief, and $34 for the Strength Boxer, each waistband features a rainbow-colored message of “Strength Comes from Pride.

Strength also comes from hours in the gym. And these sexy undies definitely motivate us to get back on a cardio machine so we can look our best prancing around the locker room.

Order up several pairs then hit the clearance section for some bargain bulge boosters, too.

Until next year, Happy Pride one final time.

PUMP! Pride Collection

Photos courtesy of PUMP!