Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Faith, Freedom & Fort Worth

Let freedom ring.

Faith.  Such a day of rejoicing!  Our Supreme Court has opened the way for religious beliefs and faith to take precedence over gritting my teeth.  Fine Babatist business owners can now deny service to anyone who we believe to not be in alignment with God’s will as we know it.  Not only can we say no to sodomites and lesbyterians, but it stands to reason that we can deny dry cleaning to Muslims, house cleaning to Mormons, and Hallmark cards to Jews.  Believe like I do, or I can, in all Christian love, tell you to get lost.  Praise!

Freedom.  Praying everyone was safe from yesterday’s fireworks and celebrations.  What a glory it is to be an American and celebrate Independence Day.  A day when we remember our freedom from tyranny.  A day when we relish the joys of being an American.  A day when we fly flags and blow up stuff.  May all feel truly free today.  Unless, of course, you’re less of a person in which case you might want to look into flights to Canada, or fight the Mexicans to our South in a surge of reverse immigration.  Yay, America!

Ft. Worth.  Well, this just makes me vomit.  A woman in Fort Worth, Texas (a neighboring city to my home ministry) has seen fit to start a Girl Scout troop for young lesbyterians and children of indiscriminate gender.  Horrifying!  This fine Christian organization has led countless young women to successful sales careers in the baked goods industry.  Now I have to dodge this “Pride Crew” troop 30 miles to my west.  I pray that the Lord gives me vision to know when I’m dealing with one of these troop members.  So, if I see Peppermint Patty outside the Kroger, I’ll have no interest in biting into her Thin Mints!   Help me, Lord!