Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Out Of Office: AI Takeover, Day 3

Like many Americans, we’re on vacation this week and looking forward to a little rest and relaxation away from the heat of Dallas. (We’re in Alaska, so that shouldn’t be an issue.)

Because we’re feeling particularly lazy this year, we decided to get a little help from ChatGPT to create stories for us so we don’t have to toil away writing while we await our next dog sled. The results are, well, interesting.

We also enlisted the help of Microsoft Bing’s AI Image Generator to supplement each post this week.

Hopefully, we at least have some job security.

Read on for a fun little haiku—completely unedited—about lesbians (then head to Sue Ellen’s!):

“Lovingly Lesbian”

Two hearts, love ablaze,

Rainbows spark, romance persists,

Girls just wanna wife.

Story by ChatGPT, Photos by Microsoft Bing