Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Beach Read: Meet The Staten Island Fairy

Always on the hunt for an excuse to go to the beach—even if it’s under the guise of actually reading a book—you can always find us somewhere near the ocean whenever possible.

And now, we have a big gay, Big D reason to crack open a beer before cracking open the new tome from Dallas-based Keith A. Yonick.

The Staten Island Fairy: The Forgotten Boy From the Forgotten Borough brings the Dallas real estate guru’s childhood to life in a funny, sometimes-heartbreaking, but-always-page-turning tale of growing up gay.

Author Keith A. Yonick (right) and husband Scott Tennant

With chapters including “Sweet Tea & Spaghetti,” “The Hooker of Rugs,” “Gay Karate” and “Fags to Riches,” you should get a sense of the tone from the titles alone.

And as a young, gay, former hooker of rugs, we can totally relate to much of what he experienced in his formative years.

Catch the book on Amazon before your next vacation. Available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle formats, you’ll find it the perfect short-attention-span read because no chapter clocks in at more than a handful of pages.

Because, you know, there will most definitely be some Speedo-clad eye candy strolling by to distract from literary pursuits.

The Staten Island Fairy: The Forgotten Boy from the Forgotten Borough
By Keith A. Yonick
Free (with Kindle Unlimited) to $24.99