Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Barbie, Birth & Biden.

I’m busy as a B this week.

Barbie.  I’m already sick of the hype over the upcoming BARBIE movie.  I confess to enjoying my Barbie dolls as a child, but this is just unscriptural.  The Bible admonishes us to put away childish things when we are grown.  Now the film industry is asking me to metaphorically pull my dolls out from whence they were put away.  This just doesn’t feel right.  However, because I believe pink to be a color of holiness and one I don on a regular basis, the sight of these promotions swells the holiness in my heart.  I just hope they all keep their clothes on.  Sometimes my dolls were stripped of their rainments and lied around in a box in their nekkidness.  We don’t need to see that.  Unless it’s Brother Gosling.  I never had a doll of Barbie’s male friend, so a visual of THAT nekkidness is beyond my ken and worth a quick look.

Birth.  These are end times, Brothers and Sisters.  While I am certainly no Catholic, I have reservations about any kind of birth control outside of plain abstinence.  If unmarried people are bumping nasties, they should accept the child-producing consequences of such sin.  Therefore, making contraception easily available seems to encourage single sluts to interact For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge with no 9-month consequences.  Well, too bad people.  The FDA has announced that birth control pills will now be available over the counter at your local Walgreens or CVS.  I hope they are stocked on the aisle next to the condoms and nasty accouterments where they belong.  Disgusting.  Trash still have to go to the pharmacist to get their meth lab ingredients, but whores can go right to Aisle 9!

Biden.  Speaking of ephedrine, I admit to being taken aback at recent reports of an illegal substance being found at Brother Biden’s house.  The idea of a man his age doing anything other than exercise to boost his heart rate is horrifying.  I was therefore relieved when a full investigation revealed no connection between the powder and anyone in either wing of the house.  I suspect that it fell out of the pocket of one of the housekeepers.  Those poor people have resorted to having a little coke break to keep that house WHITE!