Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Power, Paxton & Parade.

These are end times.  Literally!

Power.  As an evangelical Christian, I keep a close eye on Israel and all that happens there.  I fervently believe that the Lord shall return to Jerusalem on the day that Israel is united.  Knowing full well that the Lord sometimes needs help, Christians are bound and determined to support Israel for purely rapture reasons.  Why all this exposition?  Brother Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has usurped the power of the Israeli Supreme Court thus preventing Bibi’s power from being kept in check.  (Would tennis and a web browser equal a net and Yahoo?  Never mind.)  I’ll let the Prime Minister bask in his perceived power.  But if this truly does hasten the Lord’s return, I want to be there when Jesus bursts through the East Gate to proclaim HIS power with two words of questionable decorum to Bibi…. “Bitch, Please.”

Paxton.  The esteemed Attorney General of my home State of Texas has been dethroned while he is under investigation for less-than-Christian ethics.  He is even being faced with an impeachment trial.  Poor little Kenny Paxton.  So concerned he is for his own survival, he sued to have the Democrat Senators stricken from his case lest they be biased against him politically.  Yes, he lost that case, but I can’t really blame him for such a bold request.  After all, aligning a court in favor of one’s own agenda seems to have worked in Washington.

Parade.  For years now, I have had to endure the immorality of so-called reality television.  The worst of them all has always been any show which poses courtship and marriage as a contest.  What has happened to the sanctity of marriage?  Up to now, handsome creeps and pretty sluts in little clothing have vied for being a bachelor or bachelorette of selective prowess.  Just a parade of tramps cloaking themselves in Christian marriage.  These young people have no concept of commitment and holiness!  Now comes news that there will be a “Golden Bachelor.”  That is, a version of the show where the prized hunk is over 70.  As if the children can’t make sluts of themselves on their own, now we have a respectable widower parading his wares for sale.  Disgusting.  I apprehensively await the arrival of the hags that will throw themselves at his feet for a single rose.  Praying that they will dress a little more modestly and that this will be a parade of St. John instead of string bikinis!