Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Take The High Road

Our friendship with vodka goes way back. Waaaay back.

Just last night we rewatched the first-ever episode of Absolutely Fabulous and though it wasn’t necessarily our goal at the time, along with our husband we have truly become Patsy and Edina. Falling into bushes drunk post-50 years old and everything.

Well, now we have a new spirit that throws in an ingredient from another of our favorite vices.

Say howdy to Highway Vodka, the brainchild of Texas natives and lifelong buddies Ben Williams and Wendell Robbins (pictured above). The Black-owned business hails from Houston, but Williams’ grandmother Lucille B. Smith lived in Tarrant County and is still regarded as one of the first African-American businesswomen in Texas (and also the first Black woman to join the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce).

Four Women of Color occupy the company’s other high-level positions.

Of course, as much as we love supporting businesses run by fellow minorities, when it comes to booze it’s really all about taste.

Hemp has a reputation for its benefits and even though it has none of the effects of our go-to edibles, it adds a subtle-yet-distinct character to Highway Vodka that you can best experience pulling the bottle from the freezer and sipping in its ice-cold state.

Even in our go-to Vodka Soda it has a little extra something, but not so much “flavor” that people who love vodka for its neutrality will object.

Order a bottle shipped to Dallas from Reserve Bar for $27.99 or ask for your favorite liquor store to stock it for future recipe creation.

You’ll be hempy you did.

Highway Vodka With Hemp Seed
$27.99, 750ml
Order to ship from Reserve Bar

Photos by David “Odiwams” Wright