Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Laughter. Light. Labor.

Let us pray.

Laughter.  Isn’t it interesting how some things from our childhood can give us the gift of laughter?  I often recall fun times in Vacation Bible School as a young person which cause me to smile.  Surprisingly, I often found myself amused by someone who made a career out of acting like a child for the sake of entertainment.  Yes, Brothers and Sisters, the work of Brother Paul Reubens as Pee Wee Herman ministered to me on several occasions.  Some have said that there were filthy undertones in his work, but I preferred to see the sweetness of it, recalling my carefree days when I was a child.  And, like many famous people, Brother Reubens got caught in a situation of ill repute at one point in this career.  (Ever since, I always sit alone when I go to the theater, just to be safe!)  But the good news is that many were touched by this character.  With his passing this week from the demon of cancer, I pray for the Lord to bless this silly little man.  I’m grateful that God shows all of us grace when we fall and sustains our legacy in the end.

Light.  Thomas Edison has finally been upgraded.  We bless that man for his invention of the light bulb which led to the preservation of many a candlelit home from wax build-up.  With time, his bulbs went from rather primitive appearances to more modern incandescence and then back again to the see-through bulb of yore.  Each of these giving off a soft glow of illumination.  Now these original so-called incandescent bulbs are history as of yesterday.  I don’t understand all this falderal about lumens and energy, but the new standard in light bulbs is a brighter light.  I guess I can get used to this.  I mean, when I get taken up to glory, I expect to be walking into the brightness of the Heavenly Light so why not start practicing here on Earth?  Hallelujah!

Labor.  This world is just so petty.  Why is it news that someone threw a drink at Cardio?  I mean, the Lord wants us to care for our earthly vessels, but different people do that in different ways.  Personally, I find running or bicycling to be laborious and difficult at my age.  I much prefer walking the mall for my cardio.  But I have never felt the need to throw anything at this form of exercise!  I understand frustration but this is just ridiculous.  And why is it such a big deal in the news?