Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Strutting Into Our Hearts: Kameron Ross Shakes Up Country Music with Glitter, Cowboys & Drag Queens

Honey, buckle up! Our very own Dallas star, Kameron Ross, is serving up a country music extravaganza that’s hotter than this Texas summer. The Oak Cliff sensation’s latest hit, “Sway,” isn’t just a toe-tapper; it’s a dazzling celebration of self-love, acceptance and fabulousness. Get ready to two-step into joy!

Kameron’s been making waves since his childhood, but his time on America’s Got Talent turned heads and hearts nationwide. And yet, it’s right here in Dallas where this country crooner truly shines.

With “Sway,” Ross is taking us on a glitzy ride. Filmed at The Round Up, this isn’t your typical country romp. Picture this: a bar filled with cowboys and suddenly – bam! – a parade of Dallas’ favorite glittering drag queens taking over the dance floor…summoned by none other than Alyssa Edwards, our fairy drag-mother extraordinaire. By the end, you’re left with nothing but smiles, slow dancing and pure joy.

If you haven’t seen “Sway,” what are you waiting for, darling? Grab your boots, hit play, and let’s dance! Kameron Ross is calling – and trust us, you’ll want to answer.

Photo Credit: Eriana Ruiz