Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Show Off Your Banana For Cash & Prizes

We’ve been spending a lot of time indoors lately with these triple-digit temperatures.

And we’re kind of getting bored like we did back in the good-old pandemic days.

The solution to both boredom and overheating can be easily solved if you simply get naked, then analyze your feelings for particular, um, fruits and vegetables.

Do you love bananas? (Like really love bananas?)

Perhaps you’re more of an eggplant aficionado.

Or maybe you’re perfectly fine with a teeny-tiny cucumber.

Of course, it’s entirely possible you’re someone who prefers a pair of ripe, juicy melons and big dripping papayas. And that’s OK, too.

Because when it comes to sexuality and food innuendo, anything goes. The same can be said for what you see on screen at the HUMP! Film Festival, one of our favorite cinematic events of the year.

There’s no time like the present to star in your own porn and make money doing it—without ever signing up for an OnlyFans account. (All filmmakers receive a cut of ticket/streaming sales if their films are selected.)

You have until December 8 to write, direct, and/or star in your own amateur X-rated movie for the boundary-pushing, inhibition-releasing amateur porn festival from Dan Savage.

Rules for submission are easy (even if you’re not the submissive type).

For inspiration, (or simply to scratch that horny itch), you can head to Austin on September 9 to see the latest edition of the Hump! Film Festival in person. Or stream collections of past winning films (and this year’s fest, too) right from your sofa.

Seems like a perfect solution because, well, porn and the privacy of your own home go hand in hand. Much like what goes down in one of this year’s movies, Ronald McBottoms For Some McDicken

When it’s time to create your movie, you’d be smart to include all the extra-credit items so the judges know you made this movie specifically for the festival.

Extra credit items to include in your film include saran wrap, ping pong balls, and water coolers. Awards include Best Sex, Best Kink, Best Humor and Best in Show.

So tap into your inner Greta Gerwig and make a short-but-epic blockbuster.

Your muses of boobs, balls, boners, and badonkadonks anxiously await your inspiration.

Hump! Film Festival
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