Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Surrender, Students & Sacrifice.

Lord, help Thou my grief over your people.

Surrender.  When I think of the State of Georgia, I think gentility, Southern hospitality and lots of Babatists!  Some of the most famous Babatist churches have been in the Atlanta area and have spawned famous preachers.  It just does my heart good to reflect on this rich heritage.  Now, that fine State is bringing us news of the wages of sin.  As a certain former Pennsylvania Avenue resident has received judgment in Georgia, his fellow sinners are dropping like Pentecostals at a tent revival.  They are, as the news media has reported, SURRENDERING in great numbers.  I daresay every church music director ought to be bookmarking their hymnals to that great hymn of faith.  Let us all rise and sing all verses of I SURRENDER ALL.  Hallelujah!

Students.  My alma mater, Baylor University, just loves to flaunt her scriptural fervor like a festive parade.  Using the Lord as an excuse bypass the laws of the land has historically proven to be archaic in the long run.  In 1972, Congress passed the federal civil rights law in the United States that was enacted as part (Title IX) of the Education Amendments that year, ensuring protections and guarantees for all people, including those heretofore somewhat disenfranchised.  Early on, using God’s Word as a tool, Baylor applied for and received an exemption from Title IX regarding women receiving equal opportunity in scholarships.  After all, MEN are biblically more important.  Amen?  Now, Baylor applied for and received a new exemption from Title IX regarding sexual harassment.  As we all know, such things NEVER happen at a Christian University, so why should Jerusalem on the Brazos have to bother?  Besides, this exemption will also allow Thee University to turn a blind eye to any sodomite or lesbyterian students who might get slain or maligned in the name of Christ.  I revel in the glory of the day that Jesus Christ himself walks onto the campus with The Twelve wearing sandals and dresses and long hair, followed closely by Ruth and Naomi who pledged to “goest” anywhere together.  Now THAT will be a parade!

Sacrifice.  Finally, in a story that is clearly inspired by the scriptural mindset of folks like those at Christian Universities, a woman in California was gunned down outside her store by a man embodying what he’d learned in church.  Taught about the grave sinfulness of same-sex desires and anything different, this follower of such teachings felt the call to eradicate those who show support for such filth.  Sister Laura Ann Carleton lost her life because she dared to hang a rainbow flag outside her business in a village northeast of Los Angeles.  Her call to support those who are different and show such unity cost her her life.  Brothers and Sisters, Jesus gave Himself for the sins and hatefulness of others.  May Sister Carleton’s sacrifice be remembered in Heaven and may her spirit be resurrected in the hearts of all.  Lord, have mercy.