Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Let’s get September (and the weekend) off to a beautiful start with a new music video.

As a response to artists considered by many to gay-bait in their songs, videos and concerts (including Harry Styles and Nick Jonas), gay artist John Duff decided to respond by doing a little straight-baiting.

Well, the result’s still pretty damned gay to us, but we’re not complaining because much like Dallas right now, he’s SO DAMN HOT.

The gorgeous video supports his newest single, “Somebody’s Daughter.”

It’s misogynistic with a big ol’ wink, but also one of the catchiest (and sexiest) songs we’ve heard all summer.

John Duff’s “Somebody’s Daughter” comes out today on Apple Music, Spotify and most other digital platforms. He’s distributing it independently, so get out and support an LGBTQ artist with some clicks and listens. (And some paid downloads, too!)

Either way, we promise you’re in for some fun from this talented free spirit.z

“Somebody’s Daughter,” John Duff
Out today

Photo couretsy of John Duff