Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Intermarriage, Interruption & Intercession.

The I’s have it this week.

Intermarriage.  Well, this just makes me urp.  There are certain newscasters I admire for their friendly demeanor, trustworthiness and general charm.  Sister Robin Roberts has always been one of those people for me.  I was on my knees for her all through her cancer challenges.  I turned to her religiously for current events.  I even know the important facts about her upbringing.  Fine Christian parents.  A good Southern woman.  Yes, she played basketball and tennis, but I tried to ignore that.  I even know that she professed to be a Presbyterian.  Now I read that she is not only a LESBYTERIAN, but she has MARRIED a woman of a different race in her own backyard!  I just don’t know if I can watch her spout current events ever again.  I will be praying for guidance on this issue.  In the meantime, I will turn my news eye to Brother David Muir.  He seems like such a nice boy.

Interruption.  In this world of protests and loud opinions, nothing is sacred.  Cultural events have now become places for airing grievances.  I just read that a symphony performance in Switzerland was interrupted by a bunch of climate change activists.  A symphony performance??  Why?  If the climate in a symphony hall is in crisis, adjust the thermostat!  Apparently, the conductor struck a deal with these young’uns to allow them to speak.  The audience was clearly not in agreement with this deal and began to wail as if it was a performance of Mozart’s Requiem.  Whatever.  But this certainly gives me inspiration.  People need the Lord.  And I may just bargain with a ballet company to interrupt a pass de ducks to share some scripture.

Intercession.  Speaking of public spectacles, the impeachment trial for Texas Attorney General, Brother Ken Paxton, is well underway here in my home state.  I’m not tuning in because I’ve been to enough circuses in my life.  But I’ve been praying that the Lord will show some scriptural influence over this dog and pony show.  After much intercession, I am going to suggest that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick put on his Pontius Pilate costume, roll a sink into the chamber and wash his hands.  Maybe then, the rest of the senators can take Ken out to a hill where he’ll get nailed for his insolence.