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Travel Tuesday: Souvenir & Far

We just got back from vacation and all we got was a bunch of absolutely fantastic, stunningly gorgeous photographs that we’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Beats the hell out of a lousy t-shirt.

It’s all because we hired a professional from Flytographer to capture the personalities not just of ourselves, but also that of our destination.

Available in more than 350 cities and destinations worldwide, booking a Flytographer is quick and easy. Prices start at just $285 for a 30-minute session.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Mufferi for Flytographer

Your booking price includes the photo shoot itself in a locale that you’ve chosen (or one recommended by the photographer) and full access to a pre-determined amount of high-resolution digital photos.

The photos are yours to share on social media or print out for posterity via Flytographer’s online services or at any place you choose.

A 30-minute shoot takes place at a single location and you’ll end up with 15 pics. An hour gets you two locations and 30 photos. And a two-hour package allows time for multiple locations and yields 60 photos. Gift cards are available, too, for a truly thoughtful present.

Planning a proposal? A Flytographer can even hide from plain view and capture the magic moment without your future husband ever knowing!

So next time you’re headed someplace exotic (or even New Jersey), booking a Flytographer is the best purchase you’ll make during your entire vacation.

Except maybe the in-flight cocktails on the way there.