Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Reading Is Fundamental, Indeed

Black Tie Dinner this year gave us all the feels.

And mostly when handsome Dr. Eric Cervini took the stage.

The co-founder (above right) with Adam Powell (above left) created ShopQueer.co and during his speech at the big LGBTQ fundraiser this past weekend, we made sure to input the name of his company into our phone so we wouldn’t forget. (Lots of wine on the table, you know.)

With LGBTQ books under assault by Republican nutjobs ready to ban anything that doesn’t fit their hypocritical, holier-than-the-hairiest-fisted-buttholes lifestyles, the mission of ShopQueer.co and their Rainbow Book Bus is more important than ever.

The partnership with wayOUT to launch a very pink, very queer bookmobile has been a huge success as it tours the Far-From-United States of America.

You can support the Rainbow Book Bus with a donation, but also purchase a book from their long list of titles—splitting profits with queer authors. That’s nearly double what they’d receive from any other shopping site.

Join Eric’s Book Club (pictured above) or browse through a few other collections.

Or search for books by genre, gender identity, sexual orientation and racial identity to find exactly the titles that speak to you.

You can easily buy something for every queer on your holiday shopping list at ShopQueer.co.

A gift card would also work.

Because, unlike our iron-clad sexual orientation, choices are good too.