Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Social. Speaker. Sin.

These must be end times………..

Social.  Anytime I see the word “gospel” in a headline, I am immediately drawn to it.  I always pray for a renewal of the gospel in our sick land.  So it was a comfort when I saw a story online this week about the resurgence of the “Social Gospel” movement.  At first, I was concerned that this was merely a story about bible study parties.  After all, the gospel CAN be a cause for a gathering.  Imagine my surprise when I read that there are Christians out there rising up on behalf of the oppressed, the poor and the laborers.  How dare these people challenge the prevalent gospel of the white, the rich and the privileged!  These modern-day socialists are returning to a movement active at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries where workers’ rights were important, where child labor was outlawed and where mankind looked out for each other.  This just flies in the face of the Christian Nationalism spreading in our country.  I encourage you to pray about this mixture of helping the poor vs. claiming spiritual victory over the little people.  What Would Jesus Do?

Speaker.  Let us gather as one to lift up the new Speaker of the House.  A seemingly fine Christian young man, Brother Mike Johnson, has been appointed to a position of leadership, which makes him third in line to the American throne.  As I have previously discussed, Christian Nationalism has been looking for a leader, and Mikey seems to be heir apparent to THAT throne.  Such unbridled faith leads him to proclaim that there should be no separation of church and state, that the Bible should be taught in school, that abortion is the root of all today’s ills, that sodomites should be branded as criminals, and that marriage between a man and woman should be virtually impossible to rend asunder no matter the circumstances.  The froth you’re seeing emanates from the mouths of mad dogma evangelicals.  As a Christian, I am to pray for this man.  In so doing, I am praying fervently for Brother Biden and Sister Harris to have long lives and eternal health.  Let us pray.

Sin.  I fully expect the Lord to speak to this heathen world with earthly disasters as a punishment for sin.  “The Gays” have been the cause of so many deadly storms, according to many in ministry.  I have often believed that the wicked would be swallowed up by earthquakes, particularly in the California area.  Therefore, I’m surprised at the Almighty’s latest angry outburst.  Why bother the people of Iceland?  The earth moving under their feet, rumbling volcanoes, general unpredictability.  I don’t get it.  True, those far northerners had a Lesbyterian Prime Minister, but she left office in 2013.  Is the Lord really ten years late in His smiting?  This is all causing me to re-think the reasons for earthly disasters.  I’m on my knees for the people of Iceland.  And while I’m down there, I’m praying for inspiration on how to finally pronounce Reykjavík.