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Underwear We Love: BSHETR

Give us a B!

Give us an S!

Give us an H!

Give us an E!

Give us a T!

Give us an R!

What does it spell?

We have no clue, but BSHETR Underwear may be one of the best values on the internet for sexy, fashionable undies.

While some men’s fashion underwear brands now top $30 or $40 a pair (even $60 in some cases), BSHETR clocks in at an average of $10 per pair, whether you’re purchasing briefs, boxer briefs or jockstraps.

And if you purchase a multi-pack, they’re only about $5 per pair.

Before we continue, check out one of the most unintentionally hilarious promo videos we’ve ever seen for underwear. Yet it’s somehow sexy AF. Go figure.

Something’s lost in the translation, but other things are just fine as they are.

You can order BSHETR directly from the website, or if you need a last-minute gift, head over to Amazon where you can get free next-day shipping with Prime in most cases. Everything in the BSHETR store will arrive before Christmas, even if it’s not here tomorrow.

Now go forth and enjoy your sexy life.

And let us know the next time you’re cooking breakfast in your underwear so we can come over and watch you slice mushrooms while dancing.

BSHETR Underwear
Also available at amazon.com