Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

How To Enjoy Golden Hour Every Day

How’s that Dry January going for everyone?

Even though we’re professional drunks, we’ve dabbled in non-alcoholic beer, wine and cocktails already this month. And we most definitely appreciate the lack of hangover the next morning.

But we still miss the sense of euphoria and schoolgirl giggles we get after a couple of Tito’s and sodas.

So that’s when we turn to our little green friend.

Of course, living in a puritanically governed, hypocritically charged state like Texas means we don’t have the good stuff at our local dispensaries.

Sure, there’s some damn good Delta 8 products around town, but two weeks ago we received a care package from Golden Hour Wellness and everything changed.

We took note immediately of the sleek packaging and retro graphics. After all, much like wine, a good label can really elevate the overall experience.

The shipment arrived the morning after we’d only gotten a few hours of shut-eye, so that night we knew exactly which blend to try: Sleep.

For context, we can typically handle anywhere from 5mg-10mg per edible, dosed out over a few hours. (We’re lightweights compared to our purely California Sober friends).

So when we saw that each gummy only contains 4mg of hemp-derived THC (legal in Texas, by the way), we figured that was an ideal amount to help us drift off into Dreamland and stay there for the night.

Wowza. We fell asleep faster than we used to back in our Ambien days—and stayed asleep for over 10 hours. We probably could’ve slept a few more if we didn’t have the alarm set.

Now we cut each in half and get the same fantastic night’s sleep without losing the whole next morning.

And the Relax and Energy formulas work equally well, even at smaller doses.

Plus, $1 of every order goes to charity, so you’re helping do good in small doses, too.

We suggest trying the Wellness Trio to determine which experiences suit you best (we love all three). Shipping is free over $100, too, so stock up while you’re at it.

The Total Wellness Bundle costs only $105 and includes a cool tote bag (like an NPR pledge!), so add that to your cart and you won’t have to pay anything for shipping.

You can also subscribe to their email list at the bottom left of the website to earn 15% off your first order.

So whether you’re cutting back on booze this month (or permanently), you can still get a nice boost from legal THC without ever leaving your house.

Tins, tins, tins across the board!

Golden Hour Wellness