Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hey, Grrrrrr, Hey!

We’re almost halfway through “the Twenties” of the 21st century. We sometimes wonder what this decade will be nicknamed when people look back upon it.

But one decade we do know the nickname for? The Roaring ’20s. Ah, those were the days—Prohibition, mob wives and decadent behavior galore.

So we’re extra-excited about this year’s Texas Bear Round Up, which has adopted a Roaring ’20s theme that should be a sight to behold.

Even though it’s two months away, now’s the best time to register if you weren’t among the scores of men who signed up the moment it was announced.

Fortunately, you can still get in before events including BearDance sell out.

So whether you’re a bear, a bear admirer (or both!), this party never fails to deliver memorable shenanigans from start to finish.

Texas Bear Round Up 2024
March 21-24
$170 through February 9
$190 through March 1