Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Curiouser And Curiouser (And Soberer)

January wraps up very soon, but we’re curious:

Has your 2024 so far been dry, wet or damp?

(And before your mind goes into the gutter, we’re talking about your booze consumption.)

Ours has been damp, but mostly dry. In fact, as we write this we’re going on 12 days without a drop of wine, beer or Tito’s—quite possibly a lifetime record for us.

Fortunately, we were gifted a huge shipment of Curious Elixirs to ease the pain (and withdrawals) of not having our nightly 80-proof cocktails.

Instead, they’ve lowered the alcohol content to zero so we can still enjoy the ritual of cocktail hour without sacrificing productivity the next day.

Made with organic ingredients and no refined sugars, flavor profiles mimic the following: negroni, spicy pineapple margarita, cucumber Collins, blood orang spritz, smoked cherry chocolate old fashioned, painkeller, champagne cocktail and digestif spritz.

Most cans and bottles offer two cocktails each (some offer four), while mini cans deliver one serving.

The price per serving averages $4-$5, depending on the quantity you purchase, making them way cheaper than a full-octane cocktail out at a bar.

Order by the 4- or 12-pack, or indulge in the monthly variety pack with different selections each month.

Even if you’re not ready to go full-on sober the rest of the month or year, adding Curious Elixirs to the mix will most certainly make your liver your number-one fan.

And possibly some friends, too.

Curious Elixirs
Starting at $36 per 4-pack (8 cocktails)
Receive 10% off with this code.

Product photo courtesy of Curious Elixirs