Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Drop Your Pants & Listen Up!

The only thing we like more than having wild, passionate sex? Talking about sex!

So by association, we suppose that listening to people talk about sex ranks high on our list, too.

Last week, the Community Engagement Team at Prism Health North Texas (PHNTX) debuted the third season of its podcast series, Beneath the Briefs.

This three-episode installment features brand-new hosts: Marquesse Banks (Community Engagement Manager) and Natassia Radford (Community Engagement Coordinator).

The first episode introduces the new hosts, teases what’s coming up this year on the podcast, and reminds listeners of the many sexual health services offered by PHNTX.

The second episode debuts on Valentine’s Day/National Condom Day with a rubberiffic introduction to their free condom-and-lube delivery service.

And episode three debuts on February 28 (HIV Criminalization Awareness Day) with topics ranging from the latest HIV statistics and how to access the resources of Prism Health North Texas.

You’ll learn a lot about sexual health as it relates to queer people, but also probably find out about services you can access locally free or charge, or at a very low cost.

So next time you pull off your pants, you might have some new tricks up your sleeve.

Or at least some fun factoids to break the ice with the person watching you pull off your pants.

Beneath the Briefs Podcast
Season 3
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